explore our Local area

With fantastic transport links on your doorstep, it's easy to see the major attractions of London, from museums and galleries to concerts at Hammersmith Apollo. If you're tired of Central London, but not quite tired of life yet, you'll find plenty to do and see in our local area. Barnes sits in leafy West London, which often has more of a countryside feel than you would expect. From parks and gardens to wildlife and walks, there are surprising finds at every turn.

take a stroll along the river

Just moments from the Southbank of the River Thames, spend a charming day tracing the meandering paths both north and south of the River.

Fulham Palace

A museum with historic rooms to discover every day. Full of Paintings, archaeology and artefacts tracing the history of the Palace site from prehistoric times.

visit the wwt wetlands centre

If you're tired of the city, take a stroll through 105 acres of beautiful blue and green spaces. With daily activities suitable for families, a cafe on site and plenty of nature to spot, it makes a great escape from London!

explore richmond park

Known as one of London's most beautiful outdoor spaces, Richmond Park sits on the banks of the Thames and houses herds of red and fallow deer.

visit kew gardens

Visit the world famous Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. With over 50,000 living plants to be found across the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hampton Court Palace

Experience the public dramas and private lives of Henry VIII, his wives and children in the world of the Tudor court. Explore the haunted Gallery, Great Hall and Henry VIII's Kitchens.